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The Importance of Welcome Bonuses For Casino Players

Welcome Bonuses for Casino Players

What are welcome bonuses?

Welcome offers are one of the key ways in which casinos can try to attract new players, and it is also one of the ways that casinos can give themselves the competitive edge. You’ll notice that nearly every online casino offers some form of incentive for players to join their website. 

After all, if you were a player yourself, why would you join a casino that offers you nothing whereby on the other hand you could join their competitor who is offering you something unique. For example, a matched deposit bonus for you to join their site. It all comes down to value for money.

We’re going to be looking at why welcome bonuses are such a crucial part in the decision making process for a potential player, and why online casinos must have these welcome offers in place.

What’s the importance?

Welcome offers aren’t just for trying to capture players who are looking to join a casino for the first time, but it can be a method of encouraging existing players’ from competitors sites to switch side and to join their casino. If you’re a player and you’ve settled down with a casino and have been a loyal player for years, you can imagine that it’s going to take something pretty spectacular and different in order to persuade you to switch, and that spectacular thing could well be a welcome bonus. 

After all, if you don’t have a welcome bonus offered to you, there is absolutely no incentive to leave your existing online casino.

They’re also important in the sense that it can help your casino when it comes to player reviews. Particularly if they refer to one of your competitors who don’t have a welcome offer and then come back to the point that you do. You’d be surprised at just how many potential players will read reviews from their fellow players before deciding whether to join the casino in question or not.

These bonuses are one of the most important components in the online casino market. It allows potential players to get the impression that they will win big without having to drop loads of cash due to the value of money that the bonus is giving them.

There are also things that online casino needs to bear in mind when creating their offers so that they can sound appealing but at the same time sensible:

  1. Know why you're making the offer. Use offers strategically.
  2. Prepare a Pro-forma; do your financial analysis.
  3. Test the offer against another offer.
  4. Don't over test offers.
  5. Don't make the offer during peak season (if you don't need to).
  6. Don't overuse an offer. Retest against control or another offer.
  7. Know what your competition is doing. You might have to use offers just to stay competitive.
  8. Make sure your sample size gives you statistically valid results.
  9. Expect some decline in the impact of the offer over the control if the offer is repeated.
  10. Analyse the results and act on what you see!

If you’re an online casino, you’re almost certainly going to want to take notice of all of these points before offering a welcome bonus.

Another advantage of offering a welcome bonus is the exposure to your online casino. Many websites serve the purpose of informing the public on what offers are available where. If you’ve no welcome offer as a casino the likelihood is that those competitors of yours who have got bonuses on offer are certainly going to have a lot more exposure than your casino is and over the course of the year this could mean hundreds of potential players are in fact going elsewhere simply because they’re not aware of the existence of your casino.

Enjoy Casino Welcome Bonus!

Hopefully, now we’ve covered all the main advantages that welcome offers provide to online casinos and players. Now it’s up to yourself to shop around to ensure you’re getting the best welcome you can from your casino. 

The more value for money you receive, the more chance you have of winning big from your casino and the more likely you are to stay with that casino for the foreseeable future. But you should be aware that STS is one of the best casinos for a welcome offer on the market today. You will feel special betting with the casino because they make you feel like more than a customer.

The points we’ve visited today make sense as a general principle. People like to feel welcome, whether it’s visiting a new restaurant for the first time or whether you’re starting a new job. You’re going to feel more at ease and want to stay there more if you’re made to feel welcome. This is the same with players and online casinos. As a player, if you’re not made to feel welcome, well, why would you want to join? Putting yourself in that situation really can clear up just how important it is for online casinos to have these welcome offers in place.

Casino welcome bonus - conclusion

Hopefully now if you’re a player, you’ve come to realise the importance of welcome offers so that next time you’re looking for a new online casino you know what you need to look for to get the best value for money you can from your online casino. Also, at the same time, make sure that you read all the reviews you can get so that you can get as thorough insight as possible into the casino before joining, but you should be forewarned; there aren’t many better that STS.

STS is a perfect example of an online casino which wants you to join through enticing welcome offers. They currently have a £50 casino bonus on whereby if you stake £30 on any slot games. These incentives are exactly why welcome offers are so useful and that all successful online casinos, including STS, have some form of welcome offer active and open for players to take advantage of.


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