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Comment on market search results: STS has the highest knowledge of top of mind 41% and spontaneous 59% in Poland (according to SW Research, CAWI method, 30 Nov. - 9 Dec. 2018, group of 617 men).

In the research carried out in the last quarter of 2018, STS became the leader of awareness against the competing brands. In the question “List the brand [bookmakers] that come to your mind in the first place”, STS obtained the highest score in the top-of-mind indication category (so-called the first respondent choice), at 41%, ahead of another brand (Fortuna) by 20 percentage points. Moreover, the STS brand achieved the highest score in the category of spontaneous awareness—the brand was named by 59% of respondents in total. This result shows a very high degree of rooting the STS brand in the minds of current and potential users of bookmakers.

The research was carried out on 30 Nov. - 9 Dec. 2018 by the SW Research agency using the on-line interview method (CAWI) in the on-line SW Panel. As part of the study, 617 questionnaires were conducted with men aged 18-34 who are regularly interested in the sport. The selection of the sample was of a random-quota nature, i.e. the research controlled the demographic structure of the sample according to the distribution of age, education, and place of residence.

The research questionnaire was prepared by the STS company and methodically adapted by the SW Research agency.

The SW Research - Market and Opinion Research Agency is the leader of on-line research in Poland. The company owns one of the largest research panels— (over 180,000 active users) and the service—a tool enabling the implementation of tests such as: CAWI, CAPI, CATI, CASI and Mystery shopper, which creates new possibilities for asking questions and quick results in the Mixed Mode. Apart from the implementation of quantitative and qualitative research, SW Research offers professional analytical and consulting services.

The agency has been present in the market since 2011 and since 2015 it has been audited by OFBOR and has annual Certificates of the Interviewer Work Quality Control Program for the CAWI methodology. Members of SW Research are among the most important research organizations that care about the quality and standards of research, i.e. PTBRiO and ESOMAR.


Piotr Zimolzak
Director of Research and Analysis
Vice President of the SW Research Board of Directors