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What is Football Accumulator and How to Place a Bet?

Placing a bet with football accumulator

There’s nothing quite as exciting to a sports bettor than a football accumulator. Before kick-off it’s a page full of promise that, given the right selections and a generous helping of good fortune, has the ability to change your weekend, month or even the year ahead.

It’s no mean feat bagging a stacked accumulator, with experienced punters admitting to more failure than success, but the rewards far out-weigh the risks and a winning acca is well worth waiting for. The accumulator bet can be placed on all sports, including horse racing and tennis, but it seems to work best when attached to the beautiful game.

With anything from four selections to over a dozen, the more teams involved in your acca the bigger your potential winnings. It’s a great value for money bet too as you can spread your interest across multiple games, divisions and even days, ticking off winners as you go. All this comes for just one stake. Unlike the more expensive multiples, including Lucky 15s and Yankees, the acca is affordable and your stake can be as high or low as you wish. One thing worth remembering, however, is all legs of your acca must win for you to bank a return.

Another positive associated with the football acca is it’s beautiful in its simplicity. You know where you stand with this type of bet. You make your predictions, decide on your stake, get a preview of your potential winnings and follow the progress of your teams.

Football accumulator tips for betting

Placing a football accumulator is very easy to do and can be placed on the STS website or app, taking just a matter of minutes. Click the football tab, sort fixtures by date or league, then simply choose the teams you want to back. If playing sides to win you should click the price next to the club name and that will add it to your bet slip. Once you have added the number of teams you intended, it’s then a case of setting your stake.

You will be offered a number of bet options, including singles, doubles, trebles etc. Locate the accumulator box and type in your stake. For example, this could be £5. You will then see the potential returns of this bet and if you are happy to proceed you should click confirm bet. You are now on and can choose to follow your progress, with live scorers on the STS site, or leave it to fate and get on with the rest of your day, checking back after the full-time whistle.

We have set-out an example of a football accumulator below, using the first round of fixtures from the English Premier League 2019/20 season…

  • Man City to beat West Ham
  • Everton to beat Crystal Palace
  • Tottenham to beat Aston Villa
  • Leicester to beat Wolves
  • Man Utd to beat Chelsea

£5 win accumulator

We now have five teams in our bet but only one stake and the reason for that is all picks must win for your bet to be paid out. If four win and one draw your bet will be settled as a loser. We need a full house here and that’s the reason an accumulator bet is so affordable. For your stake money with this bet you have an interest across five games taking place over two days with four of the five shown live on TV.

With an accumulator your £5 stake goes on the first bet – Man City to beat West Ham. If that comes good your stake and winnings then go onto the second fixture, Everton v Crystal Palace. The bet continues this way until you’ve successful predicted five winners, or it ends when one selection fails to get the desired result.

If your bet is going well, there’s the option to cash out early at STS and secure a profit. With cash out the amount offered won’t be as much as the original prize, but it will be a decent profit – depending on results – and allows you to take the money and run.

As an example, let’s say your first four teams in the accumulator mentioned above have won and you are now waiting on Man Utd to beat Chelsea. It’s a tense match with the scores stuck at 0-0 going into the 60th minute. Before cash out you’d be forced to wait it out and hope United score a winner. That’s not the case at STS, however, thanks to cash out. Traders will know you have correctly predicted four winners and will offer you an amount to end the bet there and then.

If you choose to take the money offered your accumulator will be closed and the money paid into your account. It then doesn’t matter what happens in the Man Utd v Chelsea fixture. If The Red Devils win, your pay-out will remain the same, if Chelsea win, your pay-out will remain the same and the draw doesn’t alter you either. If cashing out an acca, it’s important to remember that bet will cease to exist. It can turn a loser into a winner, but also has the potential to see you paid less for a bet that would’ve landed, so it’s something to give careful consideration to.

Bet with football accumulator and promotions at STS

Bet with STS

When placing a football accumulator at STS you will also benefit from the incredible Extra 6+ promotion. Place an acca with six or more selections for a stake between £2 and £50 and if your bet loses by just one leg, traders will refund 100% of your original stake as a bonus bet.

This takes the hurt away from going close and it also allows you to place another football acca on the next round of matches. When using this promotion, it’s worth knowing all selections must have odds of 3/5 or better and any bets cashed out or partially cashed out will not count. Give a try now, visit the football section of the STS site and add your selections to the bet slip.

STS offer many exciting promotions and special markets on the most popular sports. Simply click the promotions tab that can be found on the homepage for a full list of what’s available.


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