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How to bet in-play on sports

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In play betting has changed the way we gamble on sports forever. Gone are the days when punters had to have their predictions down and confirmed in plenty of time before the start of your favourite sporting event. If you were a few minutes late it was a case of sorry, we can’t help you. We’re glad to say those dark days of the gambling industry are over.

With in play betting a financial interest is as exciting in the final few minutes as it was before the off. It can be applied to all manner of sporting events, from football to American football, boxing to MMA, Rugby Union to Rugby League. You are now in complete control of your gambling, deciding not only who you bet, but when you bet.

In play betting can be used to good effect in a number of ways. If you missed the off but still fancy a punt on the action you can get your cash down in the early exchanges. Perhaps you prefer to keep your power dry on a big football match or major golf tournament, eager to get a feel for how the managers are setting up or even what part the weather will play before risking your hard-earned cash on predicting a winner. Bet in play and you can wait until things settle before making your call.

Live sport, in particular football, works incredibly well alongside in play betting. If you are an eagle-eyed fan or shrewd punter you can watch the big match on TV, paying close attention to tactics, player form and the kind of mood the referee is in. If the man in the middle appears to be a bit card happy you can act before the traders pick up on it, betting on the over cards market or a man to be sent off. If both teams are on the attack you can get on both to score or over goals. A player goes close to scoring on a few occasions or makes an instant impact from the bench, get him to grab the next goal of the game.

The great thing about in play betting at STS is many of the most popular pre-match markets remain live throughout the course of the game. The odds and handicap lines are changed to match the flow of play, first goal scorer becomes next goal scorer and -1 becomes -2 following the opening goal. As any sports fan will confirm, a game can change in the blink of an eye and you can now profit from that change.

How in play betting works?

In play betting is all about speed. It’s a race between you and the trader to see who gets on first. It’s also a battle of wills. Who will hold their nerve and who will show their hand? If you are betting on a football team to win a match but the scores are currently tied, the closer the game gets to 90 minutes and the full time whistle the less chance your side has of getting the decider and winning the game. That means their price will continue to rise heading into the latter stages. Hold firm and bet as late as possible to get the best price.

Placing an in play bet is simple and can be done in just a few seconds. The reason for this is sports matches often flow back and forth so you don’t have time to spare looking for in play betting odds as your team go for that winning point. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to search through sports, markets and odds to find what you’re after.

That’s not a problem when betting with STS. The in play list is prominent on the homepage. All you have to do is log in, quickly find your selection – the options are divided by sport and sorted by time. You’ll see the current score and the odds on the win-lose-draw market. There will also be the option to expand the list to include other markets, such as set betting in tennis, round betting in boxing and next goal scorer betting in football. There’s no lack of options here.

Once you have located the match you want to bet on, simply click the team or player you intend on backing and click their price. That will add them to your bet slip. It’s now time to add your stake. When doing this you’ll see your potential winnings if the bet goes to plan. If you are happy with everything, click confirm bet and you will be on. It’s completely possible to bet on a team in play in well under 20 seconds. Speed is king when betting in play at STS. It is worth noting, however, there may be a couple of seconds delay while traders ensure there are no important developments going on, such as a penalty being awarded. In most cases your bet will be accepted and placed almost instantly, allowing you the pleasure of cheering your selection home.

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In play betting with cash out

Many people are unaware of this but it’s possible to cash out your in play bets and, again, this can be done quickly and easily on the STS desktop site and mobile app. Let’s say, for example, you have backed a team in play to win early in the second half and, with 80 minutes on the clock, they are leading a tense game. You could let your sport bet ride to a finish or take your profit and run.

You’ll notice a cash out amount attached to any live bets and this number increases or decreases depending on the likelihood of your bet winning according to the trading team. If you notice a decent profit and would like to call it quits on the bet then and there, simply click the cash out button, confirm and the funds will be added to your account balance. If timing a match well, you could be on for a stake in play and cash out for a profit just a few minutes later.


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