The new world of games. Esports are waiting for you!

Esports for millions and worth millions, too

Life, civilization, everything is moving forward, including trends. Esport is still a novelty but its momentum is growing. In 2018, there were 737 large esports events in the world, and the proceeds from the tickets generated 55 million dollars. Playing through online platforms is on the rise and streaming of esports leagues has been followed by hundreds of millions of viewers. Kudos for popularizing this industry goes to the iconic League of Legends game.

Legendary League of Legends (LoL)

It’s been a decade since the game appeared on the market and won the hearts and minds of players. In 2013, it was recognized as a fully-fledged sport in the US, which only added to the prestige of the entire e-commerce industry. LoL madness moved to other continents, mainly to Asia, with the biggest boom being in China. Today, the game has the largest number of active users, and every day around the world numerous tournaments featuring famous esport teams are organised with prizes. With an ever-expanding list of heroes and frequent updates, League of Legends provides joy to players of all levels. Obviously, this is not the only advantage. Streaming finals of the LoL World Cup in 2016 caused 60 million fans to tune in. Numbers that speak for themselves.

Would you like to shoot something? CS GO!

Another legendary game. Counter-Strike Global Offensive has earned its place in the esport gallery of celebrities. Speed of action, adrenaline and constant emotions are all features of this iconic game. To praise this extremely popular game would take hours. CS GO allows you to meet amateur or more professional players from different places in a given country or in the world. This typical online shooter game is available on PC, PS and Xbox. CS also has its own streaming, with which fans from different places can watch the clash of teams. Our site allows you to get involved, betting on league wins, tournaments or championships. Professional competition at Counter Strike: Global Offensive consists of tournaments organized by third parties and tournaments organized or sponsored by the publisher, Valve, called "majors".

Dota 2 - the kingdom of esport fans

Considered a classic from the MOBA genre. Initially, Dota was just a modification of the Warcraft 3 game, but quickly gained importance. Its successor - Dota 2, quickly conquered the market, becoming one of the most profitable games ever made. The prize pool of all tournaments combined was worth nearly 86 million dollars. It is interesting to note that dozens of the best professional e-players are now playing Dota2.

StarCraft Era is still going strong

It's amazing, but over two decades, fans around the world are fascinated by the Starcraft game. Although time flies, this cult production does not lose its importance among esport games. A game straight from the USA is rightly considered as the "father of eSports". What is the phenomenon of this real-time strategy game? First of all, the play is fast and easy. The player with the mouse and keyboard commands units collecting raw materials, placing buildings, and above all, controls the army to destroy the base of the opponent. Once upon a time StarCraft was played in internet cafes, but now the most important fights of professionals fill the sports halls around the world to the brim. It’s no wonder that StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void enjoys such great popularity as part # 1. Fans would not mind if StarCraft 3 appeared on the market. The spell of this space game refuses to go away!

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