Casino live. Where you can play the true game

Casino live is available 24/7

It doesn't matter whether it's a day or night or where you are. With the casino live option, you can play classic casino games online, in real time. You will be able to see the dealer, who will accompany your game, and manage all aspects of the game when you play online. In the online world you do not have to go out and look for casinos as before. Rather, just sit back and enjoy a game of roulette, blackjack or baccarat from the comfort of your home. And if you want to try something different, then try the new online monopoly game.

Poker. The king of card games

Poker, like other gambling games, has its origins in distant times. It is believed that the beginning of the game dates back to ancient Persia. However, it was not until the 18th and 19th Century that poker began to resemble the game we know today. It used to be played on boats and salons. But these days we do not have to move from the comfort of our desks or sofas to play online poker, which has gained immense popularity in the last 10 years. Players can use the live poker option, which is very easy to use and easily accessible. The rules of online poker are the same as in the real world, unsurprisingly. There isn't just one type of poker online; in fact there are plenty of different versions, to suit all tastes. The most popular though, is Texas Hold'em. At least two players are involved in the game and a full 52-card deck is used.

Blackjack - a true challenge

Many people think that blackjack is more than just a gambling game. It is said that to win it is not enough to know the rules of blackjack, but that you must use mathematics and exact sciences, and the additional advantage will be a sharp and intelligent mind. The rules of blackjack are of course the same - whether we play traditionally or blackjack online. A typical game of online blackjack is computer-supported and animated. A Blackjack game with a live dealer is something new. One of the many benefits of blackjack with a live dealer is the feeling that we are actually sitting at a casino blackjack table - surrounded by other players when the dealer is dealing cards. The online blackjack version of the live dealer is broadcast via live streaming from the dealer's studio. The online offer is also much more interesting.

Baccarat. Fast and easy!

Since you probably need special skills to play blackjack, baccarat will be a more enjoyable game for some people. The Baccarat card game is popular both in traditional casinos and online casinos.  THe general consensus is that baccarat is both an interesting and an easy to learn game. The baccarat rules are simple and the game itself is very fast. Each game takes less than half a minute. How do you play baccarat? You bet on the result of the cards that come out and the goal of the game is to predict two card layouts. The player who is closest to the value of nine, wins.

Round and round it goes... here is roulette

Who doesn't like to spin the wheel and wonder where it will stop? Roulette in casino has a lot of fans, because it is a game that combines simplicity with emotions and randomness. A casino roulette table usually takes up a lot of space and it would be difficult to fit into a regular room or an apartment. Roulette online gives new opportunities and unites ordinary players who also would like to try their hand. Now you and the dealer can meet on the computer screen and play live, following the normal rules of playing roulette.

The dealer awaits!

Modern technology allows you to stand almost face-to-face with the dealer. It can be a classy, sexy woman or a handsome, elegant man. The important thing is that they know the roulette rules and conduct the game in the rigjht way. In this way you can experience interaction with a real dealer, as if you were in a luxury casino, rather than your home. Our dealers are ready to play. What about you?