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History of bookmaker bets

It was actually the United Kingdom that has long been the capital of not only sports betting, but also of bookmakers online. STS, as the largest and most popular bookmaker in Poland wants to reach new places, and also be where Poles and other nationalities live and work, who enjoy a sports bet. Therefore, the next stage in the development of our betting offering is the possibility of an online bet in the UK. With the development of the online function, you have a virtually unlimited access to them.

Check your bookmaker favourites!

Every day, a lot of sporting events are held around the world. It is difficult to keep an eye on all of them, even for the most enthusiastic lovers of individual sports. That's why we try to meet your expectations and every day give you valuable betting tips. Both for events that will take place today and at a later date. Therefore, we have created a special calendar that will help you find matches that interest you. We have grouped sports events together for your convenience. The "upcoming" categories are matches that will take place today: in 15, 30, 60 minutes or later so you can organise your bet for today. Thus, you are up to date and can choose the most important sports that really interest you, such as football, tennis, hockey or basketball.

What can a bookmaker do for you?

Bookmakers try to take care of their clients and we are no different. We care about every player and his (or her) satisfaction. That's why we offer you more than just a rich and daily updated online offer. We also have special offers for new customers, such as welcome bonuses, as well as sports betting offers for regular players. For those who have played with us longer, we have special offers, such as freebets for specific sports events. Bonuses are also always a popular way of players getting something back.

Betting on matches is easy!

Our site is adapted for everyone, specifically so that no one encounters the slightest hassle when betting on matches. In the world of sports, teams and players are generally divided into favorites expected to win and outsiders who aren't given much of a chance. Sport, however, is unpredictable, which is what makes it so exciting. Surprises and surprising results are part of the agenda. If you are passionate about a given sport or specific event, you have a better chance of predicting who will be the winner. Betting matches in STS is an exciting pastime. Check it out yourself!

Check your bets for today!

There's something for everyone. This could be the motto of our bets because the offer is extensive and varied. You can either bet on the results of team games or individual sports.

The whole world loves football

That’s why football catches the attention of fans all over the world. Matches are held daily in different corners of the globe. Our players have a lot of football events to choose from when it comes to a bet for football online. From the most important leagues and games down to the smaller and more obscure competitions.

Ubiquitous tennis

Tennis bets have first and foremost one great advantage. Every day, at almost any time, there is a professional tennis match being played somewhere on our planet. Professional players spend most of the year traveling, from one competition to another. The offer of tennis bets is really big and there is plenty to choose from; the important thing is that you bet to win. Having a good idea of the current form of players, their favourite surfaces and head-to-heads against other players is essential when it comes to tennis online sports betting.

Hockey is exciting

This sport advertises itself as the fastest game in the world and few would argue with that. Especially the best professional league in the world, none other than the American-Canadian NHL, that boasts exciting matches and non-stop action. However, even in Europe you can also see good examples of high-quality hockey played live and you can bet online on many of those leagues.

Show us your favourites!

As you see, the sports world does not need rest or time to recover. All year round there's sports action of the highest quality. Whether it's football, hockey, tennis, basketball, or many other team or individual games. Don’t waste your time! Put an online bet on today and see if you win!