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A virtual bet is the future!

Apart from the usual way of betting; we also have a virtual sports section. What separates virtual sports from a lot of other sports is the non-stop action. No matter the time of day; you can always make a virtual bet!
Virtual sports are easy for people new to the betting scene to pick up as the results are always machine-generated, and no external factors are affecting the results of virtual sports games.

How do virtuals work?

Virtual sports are computerised sports events in which a computer will analyse the attributes and characteristics of a team/players; the random number generator will then decide the outcome. You can choose a number of different virtual sports with virtual tennis and virtual football being the most popular.

Popular virtual sports

Virtual football is the most popular sport for virtual betting. The action is taking place in front of you with all the stats ready for your next bet. The modern graphics make it much easier for you to check what's happening in a game; be it football, tennis or any other sport. Virtual horses and dog racing are gaining in popularity as you're not limited to placing bets depending on the time, season or conditions. Give virtual sports a go, and you may even enjoy them more than the traditional way of sports betting!